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This machine provides fully automatic thread quality inspection for an automotive ignition component.  The part has a dual start, custom metric, left hand thread pitch, similar to an acme thread.  Operators simply dump a box of parts into the vibratory bowl feeder which in turn orients and supplies the parts to an inline feeder.  The inline feeder positions the parts to allow a 2 axis pick and place unit to simultaneously unload and load the inspection fixture.  Once in the fixture, the part is clamped in place the thread gauge is extended to measure the start location of the thread.  The contact location is then recorded and the thread gauge starts to rotate into the part.  Pitch and torque are recorded in real time and verified to preset limits as the gauge is threaded completely through the part.  Once through the part, the gauge is reversed until the thread gauge has 100% contact with the part and the rotation is stopped.  The system then performs a push pull test, recording the minimum and maximum position.  The gauge then rotates to disengage from the part and a go / no go decision is made.  The part will then be removed by the pick and place, and dropped into an exit chute.  The part is diverted to the good or bad storage bin depending on the pass fail status of the go / no go decision.

The system is controlled by an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC and operates on compressed air and 120vac and can be plugged into any standard wall receptacle.

Thread Check Front 1 640x480.JPG

Front View

Thread Check Front Right 1 640x480.JPG

Front Right View

Thread Check Left 1 640x480.JPG

Left View

Thread Check Rear 1 640x480.JPG

Rear View

Thread Check Enclosure 1 640x480.JPG

Control Cabinet

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