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Dual Operator Hose Assy Face to Face 640x480.jpg

Two Operators working face to face on a hose assembly

This manual assembly station assists operators that are constructing automotive fuel lines.  The operator loads a preformed hose, fittings, and clamps into the fixturing.  Pneumatic clamping holds the hose as a slide pushes the hose over a hose barb fitting.  There is a shared screw gun that applies a preset torque to the hose clamps holding the assembly together.  The gun is mounted from a tool balancer hanging on an over head free float X Y carriage to allow both operators easy access.  Mounting clamps are then secured in location by an air cylinder performing a crimp operation just before the fixture is unclamped, allowing the operator to remove the completed part and start the process over again.

Full Auto Vavle Assy 640x480.jpg

Fully automatic valve assembly machine

This multi station assembly machine is truly a fully automatic assembly system.  Operators simply fill the machine's bulk feeders and exchange the container that contains the completed product.  An indexer is utilized to pass the fixtures under each feeder.  The components are inserted and verified by fiber optics and digital indicators before the final assembly is crimped and deposited into the completed parts container.  Each step is verified and any part that fails an inspection is marked and rejected at the end of the process in a containment area separate from the finished goods.  Multiple product types can quickly be ran with minimal changeover between runs.

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